An open mind and helpful hands can do much to change a dog’s future. ” - Unknown


Who is this wild animal in your house?  Yes, we're talking about your dog!  Or your cat!  Or even the animals (probably) not allowed in the house, such as your horses, ponies, and donkeys!

We know from experience that we all ask that question sometimes--we may even question our sanity for bringing this beautiful, yet beastly, being into our lives.  He keeps us up at all hours, pees on our floors, chews our drywall, barks at EVERYTHING, chases the kids...and the cat.  You're at your wit's end and need help!  

Helping is just what we do!  We embrace your dog, cat, or equid for who and what they are.  We teach you who they are, what they were bred to do, what they need, what they are saying to us.  We listen to you too--we want to learn what you want them to do and how you can live and love this animal you have chosen.  Then, we act as a translator, a mediator, an educator, and as a trainer and behavior consultant.  We help make the changes needed to make both animal and human happy.  

We don't just teach sit, down, and stay--we teach life-skills for your pet.  We teach them how to navigate a human world which doesn't often embrace the natural behavior of other species.  We help fearful pets.  We help aggressive pets.  We help anxious pets.  And, we help humans... 


What is a Family Dog Mediator?

A Family Dog Mediator (FDM) is an individual with special training and education above and beyond training or behavior consulting.  FDM's assess each animal based on their L.E.G.S.--each individual's Learning, Environment, Genetics, and Self--because each plays a critical role in that animal's behavior.  

Learning is composed of all of the combined information the individual has learned during his life--and is continuing to learn every single day.  It's things like other dogs aren't safe to approach, or cars are scary, or cats are fun to chase, or when mom has that look I better hide.  Learning is more than just training a hand signal to sit, or a pattern of behavior.  It's happening all day, every day, and it's often not what humans may intend!

Environment isn't just the inside or outside of your house.  It's everything your pet encounters and interacts with.  Environment creates both questions and answers for your pet--Am I safe?  What is happening?  What do I do? And, I know what that means!  Our job as humans is to control the environment, keep it safe, make sure it provides the things our animals need.  

Genetics is really all of the information about life that our pets arrived on earth with already intact in their cute little brains.  It's the basics of how to be a dog, as well as the not-so basics that humans have selected for and against since we began breeding dogs more than 10,000 years ago.  It's the basis for herding, protection, companionship, retrieving, and why those cute little Dachshunds go in holes to catch small prey.  

Self considers the dog sitting directly in front of us.  The individual. It's his personality, his age, his sex and reproductive status, his health, his nutrition, his disabilities or injuries.  Think of Self this way--the needs of a lost, skinny momma dog with 6 puppies are drastically different than the needs of the pampered, neutered Labrador who eats the most expensive dog food and has his own leather couch.  We always need to start with the dog as the individual, not as dogs in general.

Family Dog Mediators evaluate these four L.E.G.and help mediate the places where there are conflicts between dogs and owners.  We help you manage your expectations for your dog's behavior, help translate what your dog needs from you, and help you meet those needs.  We also help by giving you the tools to change behavior so that you can live happily with your pet!


Why Choose Us?


Our Goal is Success for You & Your Pet!


Each relationship between dog and owner, cat and owner, horse and owner presents new challenges and individual goals.  We will guide you through your training and behavior challenges to accomplish your individual goals. 


Experience…with Multiple Species

Our trainer began showing her first dog in 1981 and has continued competing and titling in multiple disciplines with multiple breeds since then.  Monique has been certified through the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT), through the National Association of Dog Obedience Instructors (NADOI) and Fear Free Pets. She is also an AKC CGC Evaluator, Farm Dog Evaluator, and AKC Temperament Test Judge.


Monique’s experience with equids began on a 19,000-acre working cattle ranch in the Texas panhandle.  She rode hunter/jumpers, ranch horses, and helped saddle train a few racehorses along the way.  


Additional species Monique has worked with includes foxes, coyotes, wolves, bison, goats, donkeys, and cats.

Continuous Education in Science-Based Training

We continually attend training and behavior workshops, research the latest studies, read the latest literature, and network with colleagues to remain at the cutting edge of training and behavior.   


We know communication is a two-way street!  We encourage our clients to video behavior they find troublesome or exercises they can’t quite get the hang of!  Share them with us—we are always happy to text, chat, or Facetime with you to answer questions.  We offer training videos and written behavior support information for our students on a password protected page of our website.  Access the information at any time!


Our Training is Based on LIMA

LIMA training means Least Intrusive, Minimally Aversive.  We base all our interactions with you and your pet on this principle.  In a nutshell, it means we won’t cause stress, pain, or anxiety to realize training goals.  We won’t use shock, choke, or prongs.


Lifetime Support

Contact us at any point for questions you have or for help!  We may be able to help over the phone, in a virtual consult, or in an in-person refresher here at the farm.

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